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Face Masks

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If you require more than one mask please add one mask to the cart and then amend the quantity required in the cart before proceeding to payment

  • Face masks feature a double layer of medical grade Shield Plus fabric
  • The fabric has been tested & shown to be effective against the Coronavirus / COVID-19
  • Fabric features patented anti-microbial technology that attracts viruses, fungus & bacteria & destroys them on impact
  • Each mask is assembled locally by hand in Stirling
  • Adult & Children's sizes available
  • Shield Plus fabric has been tested and shown to be effective after multiple washes (at 40 degrees).
  • All the masks are the same design, covering under the chin slightly and up over the nose with two elastic straps to hold the mask in position
  • Face masks are provided in sterile, sealed packaging with fact sheet & washing instructions
  • A proportion of all sales is being allocated to subsidise the provision of masks to front line workers 

Why would you wear a mask?

  • To prevent liquid or droplets entering your mouth or nose.
  • To act as a physical barrier, reducing hand to face contact.
  • To catch coughs and sneezes to prevent spreading the virus

The team at CMI are employing stringent health and hygiene protocols - everyone is socially distanced, wearing both gloves and a mask to avoid any possible virus transmission; and all masks will be provided in sterile, sealed packaging.

Face masks can be collected from our showroom between 10am & 2pm, Monday to Thursday or can be posted out for a small additional charge.

If you require a bulk order of face masks, please contact